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Activating the DNA Codes of Incorruptible White Magic

Activating the DNA Codes of Incorruptible White Magic


Practical Webinar Course

Activation of the DNA Codes of Incorruptible White Magic

2 webinars in recordings

Dear friends! We invite you to join us for the practical webinars of Activating the DNA Codes of Incorruptible White Magic!

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Facilitator: Ella Yelinek (Spiritual Journeys, LLC USA, Mudrost Almine).

Live translation provided by Sergey Achkasov (Spiritual Journeys, LLC USA, Mudrost Almine).

Course participants will receive:

– access to recordings of the webinars for study online at a time most convenient for you (duration of each webinar: 2,5 - 3 hours);
– full instructions (pdf);

The time has come for the magic of our hearts! It is time for pure, pristine, Incorruptible White Magic to awaken – High Magic, in which the practitioner becomes an active component in the alchemical process.

The Infinite expresses Itself in every object and occurrence. The Divine permeates all of existence. Each of us possesses the enormous power of Godhood from birth. In most people, this power exists only in its latent form and many people have no idea of its existence.

Often we hear that we are made in the image and likeness of God/the Infinite, and many people are even able to experience this state for a time. The question is to what extent this is true – how can you know it is the actual image of God, if you don't remember what the image of God is like? Many people imagine this image according to criteria or templates described in a book. Many try to create this image or state with their mind. Some people have been able to reach a temporary state of Godhood while visiting sacred sites, spending time with ascended masters, etc.

But how long this state can last and how strongly it is expressed in our lives is different for everyone and depends on many factors, such as the degree of illusions, programs and implants we have, imposed on us by society within the matrix.

But how can it be possible to understand or form an image of the unknowable? It is something you can only feel. Many have felt this state in the presence of the Immortal Master Almine. Almine tirelessly works for the good of humanity, so that all who are ready may awaken to their inborn Godhood. Using tools of Incorruptible High Magic, anyone can remember and activate their Truth, their Godhood, and remember their divine origins.

When Godhood awakens, formerly dormant Godhood DNA codes are activated. With keen sensitivity, you realize that you will no longer live according to the limiting standards of society – you feel this very Truth awakening in the very depths of your being, and you sense that you are no longer a limited human, but you feel a deep Oneness with all of existence.

Activation of the DNA codes of Incorruptible White Magic accelerates the process of awakening to your Godhood and understanding your true essence. It strengthens, many times over, the effect of any incantations or other practical tools that you use in your life.

Any changes you make within create changes without, and your reality changes instantaneously.

Benefits of Practicing Pristine Incorruptible White Magic:

  • Activation of your dormant abilities and divine power
  • Strengthening your connection to the Divine Source, and activation of the power source for Incorruptible White Magic
  • Enhancing and accelerating manifestation
  • Enhancing the effect of other spiritual practices
  • Communication with the hidden realms
  • Harmonious interaction in all areas of life:
  • - health
  • - success, business, finances
  • - spiritual development
  • - relationships
  • Freedom from the tyranny of the mind
  • Freedom from the illusions of the rigid matrix of human belief systems
  • Expanded Consciousness
  • And much more

About group practice: as shown by my many years of experience in teaching, deep integration of any material happens during practical application of the material by each and every student in the group together with the practitioner-teacher – not by seeing an example provided by the teacher, or provided by the teacher working with one student, but each student taking part in the process itself. As a result, the efficiency of the alchemical process is leveraged exponentially, and further work with the given techniques and practices (especially by a beginner) will also be much more effective.

Program for the Practical Webinar Course:

Preparing for the Ceremony to Activate the DNA Codes of Incorruptible White Magic

Freedom from Illusion

Obtaining Balance

Integration of the incantations, sacred sigils and wheels for activating the DNA Codes of Incorruptible White Magic:

  • Merging of the masculine and feminine into one – a necessary evolutionary step to achieving the state of Super-Godhood.
  • Clearing the memory held in the magnetic components of our fields. Freedom from painful memories.
  • Merging with the frequency of the One Life.
  • Dissolving illusions, activating personal power, restoring inner balance.
  • And much more.

Activation of the 144 Tones of Purity and of Perpetual Regeneration with calling of the Angels.

Activation of the three keys of Incorruptible White Magic.

Group ceremony – Activation of the DNA Codes of Incorruptible White Magic. Activation of key centers in the body that are responsible for manifestation and the light fibers that determine reality.

Formation of the sacred space of your being.

BONUS: As a special bonus, during the webinar Ella Yelinek will conduct the following ceremony for participants: “Becoming a Conduit of Incorruptible White Magic,” (regular price for the ceremony apart from the group, as a private consultation or session: $200).


“Dear Ella! Yesterday I took part in your webinar, “Activation of the DNA Codes of Incorruptible White Magic.” I feel so good today – like I had been lost, and finally I am home. Even being initiated into the second level of Belvaspata did not give me this effect! I had very interesting dreams telling me of joyful changes to come. I went to bed at 4am, got up at 8:30am, and did not feel tired at all – rather, I feel quite well-rested. It seems to me that I am glowing. And can you imagine – today I got my certificate of completion of my Life Coaching class. When I walk down the street – maybe it just seems this way – it is like everybody is looking at me and smiling. I am so thrilled, Ella, you are so wonderful. Much thanks to you!” Marina

“Ella, huge thanks for the webinar, for the work you put in, for the state that has returned to me: just be and eternally love. Words cannot express how much I am filled with Praise, Love, Gratitude and Trust. Please keep supporting us with the webinars you create! They so inspire with the desire to Live… Thanks and eternal love)).” Nadezhda

“Ella, thank you from my whole heart!!! Unbelievable sensations! I still feel pressure in my ears. The energies are so tangible! It was difficult for me in some places. I listened to you and marveled at your lightness, your femininity and inner light, emanating with tenderness and love))))))))) I thank you again and hope to quickly feel at home in this amazing Flow of Kindness and Love! I wish you Joy from my whole heart!!!!!” With warm respect, Olga

“Huge thanks for the webinar “Activation of the DNA Codes of Incorruptible White Magic.” I just watched the recording again... And it seems that Ella’s voice is still saying, “you can always remember your innocence and purity, and in any difficult situation create a feeling of peace.” This webinar immerses you into the pristine depths of your being, like returning home. There is a wealth of information – it would be easy to create a week-long course with this amount of material! But Ella was able to get it all across in one day. If you aspire to remember yourself, to dive in to depths that we usually close off not only to others, but even to ourselves – then this webinar is for you!” Ludmila

“Thank you!!! I cannot express in words the state I am in. Magnificent sensations!” Elena

“Huge thanks to Ella for a truly magical process.” Marina

“I thank you for the miraculous activation of Pristine Purity and Magic!!! I wish us all to be Impeccable Masters of White Magic, continually blending with the Infinite Mother’s Intent!!!” Nadezhda

“All of my cells are filled to the max and vibrating – Praise, Love and Gratitude! Ella, huge thanks for this group work!!!” Oksana



“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Very powerful.” Elena

“Eternal thanks to Ella and all participants of this truly magical group work! What a finale!!!!” Elena

“Words of Love and Gratitude!!! Sensations of Magical, Blissful Curiosity and the Delight of a Child!” Olga

“Thank you, dear Ella, I wish you happiness and everything good!!!!!!! One of the most wonderful initiations I have ever had... Everything is just magical!!!!!!! With every webinar, you amaze me more and more!!!! You are a completely brilliant, magical, amazing Woman!!!” Emilia

“I have never felt anything like this. Once more I THANK YOU for such a generous bonus. I have managed to come to my senses after the webinar. My arms are aching.” Elena

“Ella, I thank you from my whole heart! I thank everyone for participating, for helping with the group work!!! Light, Love, Joy and Gratitude to all participants, and to you, Ella! I wish all participants Love, Light, Happiness, Joy, harmonious transitions and wonderful transformations that were activated in this ceremony!!!!! :)” Maksim

“It is just unbelievable, the energies were unbelievable and powerful! I feel as if every cell is vibrating, my whole body is feeling pins and needles :))) My whole body is humming, like it is about to take off! I love you and thank you with my whole heart!!!” Marina

“Dear Ella, I wish to express my experience today at the closing SuperGod MerKaBa. When I was surrendered to the Turquoise light of SuperGodhood/High Heart entrance I saw that I am a shining diamond. I experienced so much joy that I can’t describe it. And then I saw Almine. She was standing there like a mother who is seeing her child excel. She was teary but jubilant and joyful. And then I realized there were others there waiting. You all had been waiting for more to come! One of them had a party balloon (Jan Alvey) and there was much revelry and party-like atmosphere and cheering. I also feel I connected to both you and Sergey as well. It was amazing, the level of celebration of everyone. So now I see why you had the Almine closing and the “Hallelujah” music. I’m overjoyed. And starving for food!” Blessings-Irene

“Most importantly, I feel that I have glimpsed eternity like never before, during the Pillars of Magic webinar. I lost all sense of direction (loss of any points of reference) for hours and hours but, then I forced myself to see that inner and outer are ONE. Then I could move my body and function in some way. My reality is totally altered.
I received my Pillars cards the day before the webinar and there is a lot of things that happened to me since the webinar. There were healings and a much more harmonious environment in the house with my family. This new reality I am experiencing is much more harmonious and in close contact with Infinite Will, as my greater self. I can hear this Infinite Will much better and sometimes, very loudly!”
Dhani, Canada

“Dear Ella and Sergey, I want to thank you both for the beautiful webinar series that you provide for Almine her students! I feel very blessed that I was able to participate in the Celestial Pillars of Magic course, and that it was possible for me to have a payment arrangement. These gatherings are very holy and I can feel Almine is working with all of us then.

The way Ella approaches the teachings is deeply sincere and respectful and she brings it with great clarity and mastery, together with the pure heart of the authentic feminine which holds the space of Oneness where we feel warmly embraced and welcomed. Sergey holds the space of high mastery in being able to translate into many different layers and detailed information with great passion, together with a good amount of humor once in a while.

I learned deeper ways to connect to Almine and her material, and take more time now to really feel and integrate a specific principle; this has truly enriched my days! It is wonderful that these opportunities to study and integrate the teachings are given. I feel privileged to be able to walk this journey for the Infinite and with all of those who are gathered in these holy webinars, and I feel very nurtured and it brings me much joy!” Much Love, Else

“Hello, I just listened to the recordings of the webinar, and I’m deeply touched. From the first minute on, tears were running and I felt release and deep love. The feeling of oneness was very present. After 10 min. my vacuum cleaner started to work on its own, and I had to go downstairs to switch it off! At the same time you experienced some technical difficulties.

You see, it is very important that you continue your great service! Deep gratitude to all of you, we are one.” Irene