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65 Pillars of High Magic

65 Pillars of High Magic


A Powerful Instrument for Manifesting and Receiving Spiritual Guidance

5 webinars

Facilitator: Ella Yelinek

The translation provided by Sergey Achkasov

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Course participants will receive:

– live access to the webinars (duration of each webinar: 2 – 2,5 hours);
– full instructions;
– access to recordings of the webinars for study online at a time most convenient for you.

During the course of many years, the manifestation of intent has been a topic of great interest for humankind.

A great number of various techniques exist for attempting to change one’s external reality to a comfortable life of abundance, health and beauty, for many proved futile and created negative karma.

Over the course of many centuries, philosophers and spiritual masters emphasized changing oneself, and as a result of these internal changes, the outside world also changes.

You have most likely heard a phrase expressing the idea: “If you want to change the world, change yourself.”

Spiritual practices of inner transformation (changing one’s inner reality), however, have also not produced the desired results for many adepts.

Why does this happen?

The separation of our inner and outer realities is an infinite game of duality, in which there is always cause and effect, and discordance arises.

The key to transitioning into this desired new reality where EVERYTHING is available, is WHOLENESS, which can be accessed by uniting inner and outer space, building a bridge for relationships with no separation, and knowing, realizing, and being ONE.

Living as the ONE, your inner changes instantly manifest in the world around you.


"Most importantly, I feel that I have glimpsed eternity like never before, during the Pillars of Magic webinar. I lost all sense of direction (loss of any points of reference) for hours and hours but, then I forced myself to see that inner and outer are ONE. Then I could move my body and function in some way. My reality is totally altered.

I received my Pillars cards the day before the webinar and there is a lot of things that happened to me since the webinar. There were healings and much more harmonious environment, in the house with my family. This new reality I am experiencing is much more harmonious and in close contact with Infinite Will, as my greater self. I can hear this Infinite Will much better and sometimes, very loudly!"

Dhani, Canada

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