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Spiritual Retreats with Almine

Please note: all retreats have been canceled for 2015.

Almine's Retreats: Video Impression

Get an idea of Almine's retreats with this video taken during the Amsterdam retreat of 2011. In it Almine talks about the awakening of humanity since 2005.

Almine's Retreats: Audio Impressions

Listen to these two audios to get a better understanding of a retreat with Almine. One is an explanation of the retreat experience by Almine herself. The other is an almost hour long impression of the retreats. Captured with a little handheld recorder, it is a "guerrilla style" recording with mystical insights and testimonials from 4 different retreats. Combined it is an "audio mini retreat with Almine". Enjoy!


Listen to many more testimonials by enthusiastic retreat participants here.

How to prepare for a spiritual retreat with Almine?

There are multiple things you can do, like reading Almine's daily blog or listening to one of her many radio shows to prepare yourself for a retreat with Almine. However, the best preparation you can give yourself, as stated by Almine, is to actively start following along with either I Am Presence or the Calendar of Oneness, or both.

Both the I Am Presence and the Calendar of Oneness offer you the opportunity to align yourself with cosmic unfoldment. Thus you are already studying the most relevant themes that will probably come up during your retreat. Together with many people around the world who are already enjoying I Am Presence and the Calendar of Oneness, you are quite literally walking alongside Almine through cosmic unfoldment. Also, both these tools have the opportunity to connect with fellow students to discuss the daily insights. 

These are the best tips we can give you to prepare yourself for a retreat with Almine. 

Find out more about I Am Presence here

Find out more about the Calendar of Oneness here.

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