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The Sleep CD (Mp3 Download)

The Sleep CD (Mp3 Download)



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Please note: Deep Peace and Tranquility - colloquially known as 'The Sleep CD' - are currently only available as Mp3 downloads. We may, at some point release them as physical CDs, but for now, they remain exclusively as digital files.

About the Sleep CD

Several comprehensive and longterm studies have demonstrated that sleep disorders have become a global epidemic and continue to rise sharply in multiple countries.

These two CDs were produced at the request of a Chinese scientist and tested at the University of Taiwan. The inspired music created by the Seer has been shown to alter brainwaves and induce relaxation and sleep. Available for the first time in digital format only, they can now be purchased for $20 each, or as a set of two for $35.

Deep Peace
It is recommended that this CD be played to fall asleep to. Spend the first fifteen minutes of listening to the music, slowly, and deeply breathing out the stress of the body. Should any remaining stress still persist, imagine a little opening in the area of tension, and blow out the stress with every deep, long out breath.

Test studies have indicated that sleep patterns are disrupted by the pent-up accumulation of the day's stress. This CD has been designed and created specifically for the purpose of the release of tension from daily activities. Use this music as ambient background music during waking hours.