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Long-distance Rune Mastery Initiation

Long-distance Rune Mastery Initiation


Almine: The preparation for becoming a Rune Master involves assuming a very sacred responsibility for the geographic area in which you live. It helps to balance the weather patterns, the stability of the mental health of people during dramatic earth shifts, and helps create graceful rather than traumatic change. The current stress level of humanity has made it necessary to awaken more Rune Masters globally... Learn more→

Select your initiation level in the dropdown menu above:

Master of the Runes initiation with Jan Alvey ($100)*

Grand Master of the Runes initiation with Jan Alvey ($250)**

*Jan Alvey was initiated into Master and Grand Master of the Runes by the Seer Almine. She is also Keeper of the Keys of Rune Masters of the United States.

Rune initiations are performed by designated Spiritual Journeys support team members in dedicated service to the Infinite and the Seer. All proceeds are the sole property of Spiritual Journeys.

**Requires one to have been a Master of the Runes for at least 3 months.

Note: Please include your phone number on your order so that we may contact you regarding your initiation.

Please contact team@almine.net for general questions and information.