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Book of Runes (XL Hardcover)

Book of Runes (XL Hardcover)


Understanding the Alchemy of the Runes

Alchemy is the science of transmutation: the adding of dissimilar components to create a leveraged result. In an alchemical equation, the sum total of the components is therefore much more than the parts added together.

The 672 runes found in this book are in a very specific order and each has a specific value. Every set forms an alchemical equation, and jointly they form a leveraged result. When the runes are added together into a combined book, the new powerful energy that turns the book into a power object is born.

"The power of this book will work, even if it is not read. The entire purpose of this book is: The full activation of the inner and outer senses, in order to dissolve the enslaving programs of belief systems." - The Seer Almine

ISBN Hardcover: 978-1-936926-96-1

Color, 322 pages

Learn more: Becoming a Master of the Runes

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Please note: upon purchasing Book of Runes you will receive 7 sets of Rune pages for 'easy printing'. This does not represent a comprehensive "DIY" solution for creating Rune decks. Rather we offer these files so that you may be spared the step of scanning (and damaging) the Book - should you wish to extract the Runes from it. Team Almine is still reviewing professional solutions for the Rune cards and will keep you posted!

We sincerely thank you for honoring Almine’s work by using the download link for your own personal use only.