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Science of Alchemy (Multimedia PDF & MP3 Download)

Science of Alchemy (Multimedia PDF & MP3 Download)


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"By the end of this course you'll be an alchemist well worth the name."

12 weeks of PDF and MP3 Download

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Listen to a 12 minutes audio taster of different parts of The Science of Alchemy course to get an idea of the scope and depth of the course:


In the 16th century, the angels gave some of their magic (now obsolete) to John Dee, the premier alchemist of his age and founder of what is called Enochian Magic, through Edward Kelly who was Dee’s assistant and who obtained information by scrying (the ability to see visions in a mirror or on the surface of water in a basin.) Their sketches show that they were aware of the very basic part of the Egyptian Wheel of Life. But they could not have properly utilized what it contains, since the components for the use of the powers were scattered very carefully in multiple buildings that they did not discover. This course starts to uncover the missing pieces...

Although it has been my privilege over the years to translate portions of many wondrous bodies of magic, I have never encountered anything as elaborate and profound as the information shared by the angels here.

This course translates secrets and incorruptible magic which have been hidden in two different locations. The first is a horseshoe-shaped library on a mountain in Asia. The second is a massive wheel buried under the sands of Egypt, consisting of multiple peaked towers, pyramids and flat-topped towers that resemble landing pads for helicopters.

The angels referred to this second, circular compound of buildings as the Wheel of Life. Not only is its complexity beyond anything I had ever encountered and though it contains purely angelic magic, it has contributions from Isis and from a kingdom known as the Cat People, or the Zhong-galabruk.

The potential capabilities of the Wheel of Life to affect humankind beneficially are immense. Though comprehensive, this course just scratches the surface of that knowledge. As we use with gratitude and reverence what is so lovingly offered us by the angels, more will be permitted to come forth as a blessing to humanity.

The Science of Alchemy is Almine's second released online course, after The Science of Immortality. It keeps on revealing deeper and deeper layers of understanding and has become an inspiration and garden of knowledge for students of spirituality, alchemy and the occult. As a graduation gift to the Science of Alchemy, Almine also shares the new dictionary of angelic names on days 71 and 72. This graduation gift alone is already worth the whole course, for it contains the new names of the angels since the ascension of the cosmos began (for more information keep on reading below).

Table of Contents

Part 1:

Understanding the combination of angelic magic and alchemy so it can be used by man into a potent force.

Day 1: PDF text - Introduction to part 1
Day 2: Audio - The 7 generations of creation: 6:56 minutes
Day 3: PDF text - Angel magic and the role of angels in the cosmic ascension
Day 4: Audio - Structural illusions: 7:04 minutes
Day 5: PDF text - The angelic library of secrets
Day 6: Audio - The mysterious traveler: 9:32 minutes
Day 7: PDF text - The matrix, the watchers and the corrupted sigil of Ameth
Day 8: Audio - How anti-matter forms: 6:24 minutes
Day 9: PDF text - About matter, illusions and communication: Angelic tablets 4, 5, 6 and 7
Day 10: Audio - 7 incubation chambers: 7:03 minutes
Day 11: PDF text - The wheels of the Zhong-Galabruk to align with Divine psychological time
Day 12: Audio - The psychology of time: 16:50 minutes
Day 13: PDF text - About phantom pain
Day 14: Audio - Phantom pain and memory: 11:03 minutes
Day 15: PDF text - The temple of Isis and clearing the building blocks of life. The holy place of the angels
Day 16: Audio - 3 black cosmoses: 10:21 minutes
Day 17: PDF text - The dreams of the Infinite. Opening the gates of the Infinite
Day 18: Audio - The spillover point: 8:04 minutes
Day 19: PDF text - The magic of light
Day 20: Audio - Alchemy is alive: 8:06 minutes
Day 21: PDF text - The 7 illusional shadows of creation. Visiting the delegation of the angels. The manifestations of mastery.
Day 22: Audio - Frequency and light: 7:26 minutes
Day 23: PDF text - Ceremony: The magical gateways of the angels
Day 24: Audio - Government by alchemy: 6:56 minutes

Part 2:

Discovering the holy places of the angels and using their information to perform holy alchemical ceremonies.

Day 25: PDF text - Introduction to part 2, the hidden holy places of the angels and the collaboration between the angels and the cat people
Day 26: Audio - The cat people: 11:29 minutes
Day 27: PDF text - The alchemical ceremony to make the 24 holy waters to cleanse
Day 28: Audio - Alchemical equations: 9:25 minutes
Day 29: PDF text - The ten lost kingdoms
Day 30: Audio - Exponential assimilation: 13:44 minutes
Day 31: PDF text - The alchemical ceremony to make the 24 holy oils to make holy
Day 32: Audio - Orgasmic bliss of physicality: 4:44 minutes
Day 33: PDF text - The alchemical ceremony to make the 48 sacred essences
Day 34: Audio - Beauty: 9:58 minutes
Day 35: PDF text - The forgotten value of surface mind
Day 36: Audio - Polarity: 7:59 minutes
Day 37: PDF text - The clearing of language
Day 38: Audio - Language: 7:16 minutes
Day 39: PDF text - About contraction and expansion
Day 40: Audio 1 - Angels and activity: 6:50 minutes
Day 40: Audio 2 - On guilt: 8:19 minutes
Day 41: PDF text - The cosmic cage and cosmic pole reversal
Day 42: Audio - A Life of No Opposites: 7:19 minutes
Day 43: PDF text - The DNA rose pattern
Day 44: Audio - The death of the cosmos: 6:37 minutes
Day 45: PDF text - Overcoming the bondage of words
Day 46: Audio - Speech control: 7:47 minutes
Day 47: PDF text - The ceremony of crystalline alchemy
Day 48: Audio 1 - Crystalline alchemy: 6:06 minutes
Day 48: Audio 2 - Equations of crystalline alchemy: 9:40 minutes

Part 3:

Uncover scriptures by the angels and the cat people that tell the story of humanity and duality from the very dawn of creation itself. This knowledge bridges the worlds of angels and man, to become allies of each other once more and help step humanity into its role of the "way showers" of the cosmos.

Day 49: PDF text - Introduction to part 3, exploring the hidden libraries
Day 50: Audio - Raising frequency: 6:42 minutes
Day 51: PDF text - Ceremony for healing and cleansing the system of old programs and relationships
Day 52: Audio - Rosecrucian language: 7:36 minutes
Day 53: PDF text - 4 trapped races and masculine sexuality
Day 54: Audio - Male creativity: 8:47 minutes
Day 55: PDF text - Creating a Pleiadian water device
Day 56: Audio - The arising of cosmic illusions: 8:35 minutes
Day 57: PDF text - Concepts of space, matrices and shadows
Day 58: Audio - Understanding matrices: 6:13 minutes
Day 59: PDF text - The great illusions
Day 60: Audio - Trinity of duality: 6:06 minutes
Day 61: PDF text - Treachery, innocence and knowingness
Day 62: Audio - Perpetual mediocrity: 4:23 minutes
Day 63: PDF text - Living a life more abundant
Day 64: Audio - Innocence: 6:19 minutes
Day 65: PDF text - The wheels and tablets of the Infinite Mother
Day 66: Audio - Malachite tablets: a contradiction: 6:58 minutes
Day 67: PDF text - Projecting reality and dissolving of creations
Day 68: Audio - A conversation with the Infinite: 8:57 minutes
Day 69: PDF text - The ceremony to do the high magic of gemstone alchemy
Day 70: Audio - Becoming a seer's stone: 20:02 minutes

Graduation gift:

Day 71: PDF text - The new dictionary of the angels
Day 72: Audio - Angel dictionary sung by Almine: 38:58 minutes

Graduation Gift: Angel dictionary (day 71/72)

Man, unaware that his universe has changed, has continued to address angels by their former names, thinking that they still do their former tasks. Because the angels have lost their memory between the changing of ascension cycles, they will not identify with the obsolete names humans are calling. It is for this reason this dictionary of angelic names is provided for the alchemist’s guide. It is your graduation gift of this course so you may get to know the angels better and befriend them.

The journey with the angels has been a delight and the multiple visits to their holy places have been, for me and for the oracles in my classes, an intriguing unfolding mystery.The depth of this information continues to reveal itself with every reading. It is multi-faceted and consists of many layers. Yet with all its depth, we have but scratched the surface...

~ Almine in Science of Alchemy, day 25


I find these lessons very majestic and the closest I am to the Infinite's Oneness. Listening to them throughout the daylight is much of all I have in my being's existence. Timelessness, changeless essence of our oneness is my passion and then Joy. I am easing into authenticity of interactions focused primarily with the Originals. Having become aware in the last year's online courses has bloomed my heart and rooted me as I soar with wings.....I'd better sign off now before I hug something.

~ Michael

This was my first online course with Almine and I'm so happy I've taken it. It was a lot of hard work, but totally worth the effort. I can indeed call myself an alchemist now. Apart from that, so much more information is given about man and the cosmos... it's just a treasure-trove of information.

~ Anonymous

I just loved it and can't wait to get started on another internet course. I feel like a kid in a candy store: so much to choose!

~ Francy K.

After listening to the audio on appliedmysticism.com about the Science of Alchemy I knew this was for me. Although the idea to be working with alchemy brought up some strange associations about boiling pots and underground laboratories, the truth is this material is way beyond anything I’ve ever encountered before. I’m not even finished yet but have to say: Unbelievable, the scope and depth of this is mind-blowing!

~ Anonymous

About Almine's Online Courses

"The old courses help you to get rid of the thunderous voices of programming and show you the way out of the matrix." In this short audio Almine explains the value of her older online courses, how truth changes from moment to moment and getting assistance from the Infinite inside of the matrix. Very insightful!

Almine's online courses take shape as a result of her daily experiences. As she travels the mystical realms of within, the worlds without, accesses the sacred libraries of earth and converses with all kinds of different beings, deep secrets about creation and spiritual evolution are unveiled to her. The results are her courses and books. Every single one of them is jam-packed with mystical information, insights to change your life and invitations to step into a life of mastery by integrating the secrets revealed.

"I have been through several colleges and never did I imagine that any information could be so informative and used in such a practical way as the online courses that Almine has created. I have studied most all of them and they are part of my daily life."

~ Michael P, California

If you enjoyed this course, consider taking up its predecessor, the Science of Immortality, which shares the 144 illusions of the mind and lets you discover the hidden history and magic of mankind and the Gods of Source. A breathtaking course.

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