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Relationships as Temples of Initiation

Relationships as Temples of Initiation


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Dynamic Relationships

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During this course, Almine enlightens us about the dynamic changes in the nature of relationship and gives us an idea of how to respond to others that resist changes in our environment. A hugely practical course with many examples from every day life.

This online course consists of 20 videos and was originally entitled Dyanmic Relationships on the Spiritual Mastery online course site.

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The degree of grace with which our life unfolds, effortlessly and unencumbered, is directionally proportionate to the degree of our cooperation with an ever-changing cosmos. In interpreting the Infinite’s intent into experience, we must be in heightened awareness to access the subtle currents of change that flow through the river of life. The relationships of our life, and their structural origins, lead back to the most elemental building blocks of existence: subatomic particles.

Up until recently, the building blocks of physical life resembled a cross of waveform structure. The two axes were bound together in the center, yet were at war in pushing apart. This push-pull nature of relationship can be seen in our everyday lives. But in Autumn 2013 the nature of the building blocks of life has changed, as a layer of illusion was removed, exposing an entirely different form of elemental matter beyond it: tonal luminosity. The building block of tonal luminosity is a single sphere.

This dramatic change in the very structure of existence will herald profound changes in the way in which we interact with others. If we do not cooperate with the change in the nature of existence itself, it will increase hardship and tension in our relationships. By cooperating with it, new life and flourishing can be breathed into we way we relate. During this course, Almine will enlighten us about the dynamic changes in the nature of relationship and give us an idea of how to respond to others that resist these changes in our environment. This course is essential to a harmonious interactive flow in the coming year.

Table of Contents (first 10 out of 20)

Here is a overview of the first 10 out of the 20 days of this course.

Day 1: The Origin of Relationship - Fatal attraction and the origin of relationship. Co-dependence: a relationship based on need. Tonal luminosity: how the new building block relates. Romance and the addiction to tension. Appreciative acknowledgment.

Day 2: Taming the Tiger - Should our partner change? The whisker of the tiger. Praise is the best motivator. All feelings are valid. Criticism does not work.

Day 3: Transitioning to a New Reality - The new reality and the changes in interaction. Agendas and the games people play. Pacifying others. Dealing with energy drain. The tyrants: the trout, the juggler, the clown and the thief in the night.

Day 4: How a Household Becomes a Home - Organization, skill and psychology. Touch is overlooked. Random acts of kindness. The beginning of good relationship is good alone time. Listening to each other. Taking time for the small pleasures.

Day 5: How to Communicate - True listening and the silent mind. Stalkers vs dreamers. Feel behind the appearances. The code for speaking. Allow individuality.

Day 6: The Relationship with Life - How do I know if this is the right one for me? Preparing for relationship. Psychological neediness. Romance with the self. Co-dependence, stagnation and charm manipulation. 

Day 7: Is it Time to Leave? Part 1 - Steps of recapitulation. Is it time to leave? Excuses and rationalization. The ability to overcome the past in every given moment. Confusion is a choice. How do we assess the conduct of another? What is the lesson? What is your role? Making ourselves smaller (reneging our contract with the Infinite). What is the contract? What is the mirror? Directional love. What is the gift? What can I allow? The inner child.

Day 8: Is it Time to Leave? Part 2 - The pain of divorce. Thought experiment: could you live this 5 years, 10 years, forever? Changing the other by changing yourself. "They hitch their wagon to a star". What is the contribution? Look at the problem areas. How invested are they in self-change? Why are you in this relationship? Plot your way out of dependency. Your highest truth. The tyranny of the elderly. The tyranny of children. Decide how much interaction is comfortable.

Day 9: Addictions and Sexuality - Inauthentic living. What causes your addiction? Abundance: flow and structure. Keeping past programs. Comfort zones and ruts. Youth. Making memories. Finding joy in little things. Strengthen the unexpressed. The reasons for sexuality.

Day 10: Sexuality - The flow of money and the flow of power. Making excuses. Universal love. Seeing with the eyes of a poet. You do not need to say yes. A lover that heals. Self-sexuality. Different sexual needs. Sex and duty. There is no place for selfishness in sexuality.

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Please purchase this course on www.iampresence.com