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Messages from the Lemurian Angels Trilogy (Mp3 Download)

Messages from the Lemurian Angels Trilogy (Mp3 Download)


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Messages from
the Lemurian Angels 1-3

Three 20-day courses in audio format (Mp3). Complete 3-month course: 60 days

Use to the dropdown menu to select the individual parts of this course, or purchase all 3 at a reduced price.

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Part I : Eternal Time with the Angels of Lemuria

In this very special course, Almine receives messages from the angels, providing the missing insights for transitioning to a life of higher consciousness. As the Atlantean Angels represent the height and depth of light, raising consciousness through perception (masculine), the Lemurian Angels represent the height of frequency: that which restores the magic of life (feminine).

These angels, however, are completely new and have never been invoked before. Previously used by the ancient and medieval alchemists, the Sigil of Ameth bound these angels into a state of lower consciousness. With the help of the Sigil of Blahut, these angels have been replaced with those of higher consciousness. In the 2012 summer solstice Earth Chants Ceremony, these angels were finally released and now they are ready to share their knowledge.

Preserved in the ancient Lemurian records, the names of the 300 Angelic Orders of Lemuria were said to be given at the end of time as we know it. Their purpose? To usher in a new form of time: The Eternal Moment.

Listen to this short sample of one of the messages given by the angels of what's to come in the first part of this life-evolving course.

Part II: A New Pattern of Life

Found in the second installment of this invaluable course are the insights that lay the foundations for a new pattern of life - an exponential form of time with eternal life for the body.

Listen to this sample of Day 1 of the second installment of this course as the angels give us their message on how to lessen the claim of death upon us - prolonging youth and life.

Part III: The God Hormone

This final installment of the messages given by the 300 Lemurian Angels contains riveting and life-altering material on how to live as a higher evolved God-Being within human form. Details are given on how the God- hormone can be produced, setting us free from the entrapment of human hormonal production in the body.

Learn how to live the miraculous life and how power evolves when one exists within the God-kingdom. The practical advice given during this course is specifically designed to assist the major lights on Earth to usher in a new reality, rather than be captured by the mediocre paradigms of man.

Listen to this sample of Day 1 of Messages from the Angels 3: