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Interdimensional Communication (Video Course)

Interdimensional Communication (Video Course)


This product is available exclusively on www.spiritualmastery.com — Almine's online mystery school. (Access via the link below the description.)

The Art of Talking to the Hidden Realms

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Video & MP3

This online course consists of 20 videos.

During this course, Almine gives insights into the hidden realms of the fairies, elves and many more creatures. What is their relationship with humans and how do you cultivate that relationship so that true open communication can take place? What are the pitfalls? What are the secrets of their existence? A fantastic video course with assignments and practical insights for daily living.

Listen to this audio version of day one's video of Interdimensional Communication:


Due to popular request, Almine presents this online course of communication with the hidden realms of angels, devas, fairies and much, much more. Subjects that you will learn about are: 

  • Learning to listen to the subtle communications of existence
  • Forming a communication field through unifying the chakra system
  • Creating your own reality through choosing components from the 7 layers of existence


Also, this is the course that contains the Sacred Movements of Sabahut. In the future this is material that will become available on its own, but this life changing modality is for now only available through Interdimensional Communication.

Table of Contents

Day 1: Co-dependence in the Hidden Realms
Day 2: Activating Our Magical Eyes
Day 3: Hunting Your Happiness
Day 4: Receiving Sigils
Day 5: The Hidden Kingdoms Speak
Day 6: The Function of Ceremony
Day 7: The Fauns
Day 8: A Journey Through the Art and Music of the Hidden Realms
Day 9: Angels - Part 1
Day 10: Angels - Part 2
Day 11: Interdimensional Meditation - Number 1
Day 12: Interdimensional Meditation - Number 2
Day 13: Interdimensional Meditation - Number 3
Day 14: How to Receive a Mystical Language
Day 15: A Transmission from Andromeda
Day 16: Black Magic
Day 17: The Giants
Day 18: Mother Earth
Day 19: Introduction into Sabahut - Part 1
Day 20: Introduction into Sabahut - Part 2

Bonus: Hour long audio interview with Almine on the Hidden Realms
Bonus: Background sound elixir specifically designed for Sabahut

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