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Entering Godhood I (MP3 & PDF Download)

Entering Godhood I (MP3 & PDF Download)


This product is available exclusively on www.spiritualmastery.com — Almine's online mystery school. (Access via the link below the description.)

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Part 1: Creating Heaven on Earth

Extraordinary events are occurring on Earth after the cosmic closure of linear time at the end of 2012. A new reality is forming in the midst of the human matrices and paradigms, that will enable the major light workers to exist beyond the limitations of man. Godhood has become achievable to the few and the eventual destiny of the many. This online course probes the deeper insights and information of how Heaven on Earth can become our constant reality, through clear explanations by Almine.

Course content includes:
20 MP3 Files. Total time: 5 hours
Magic Of The Gods - Ceremony For Self-Regeneration (PDF)
Magic Of The Gods - Ceremony For The Gates Of Abundance (PDF)
Clearing The Twelve Main Meridians Of The Body (PDF) - see also: http://goo.gl/MCAixg