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Beyond Mortality: Alchemy of Eternal Life (Multimedia Download)

Beyond Mortality: Alchemy of Eternal Life (Multimedia Download)


24 Day Course in PDF and MP3 Downloads

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Listen to Almine give an introduction to the course:


Yet another groundbreaking course by Almine! From the records of Ananu, and other works, Beyond Mortality uncovers secrets of the gods who walk among man. Included are the 300 father wheels, which are the powerful and insightful masculine part of the 600 precepts of High Alchemy. Its feminine counterpart of the 300 still emotions of oneness can be found in The Book of Gods and Men.

This course is of special interest to all Qi Vesta practitioners as it features components which include The Hakulit, the tool of spiritual counseling.

Listen to a 10 minutes audio taster of different parts of the Beyond Mortality course to get an idea of the scope and depth of the course:

Table of Contents

Book I - Revealing the Secrets of the Ancients

Day 1: PDF - Introduction, the Secrets of the Root Races Part 1
Day 2: Audio - Within us: 10:10 minutes
Day 3: PDF - The Secrets of the Root Races Part 2
Day 4: Audio - 300 Emotions: 10:58 minutes
Day 5: PDF - The Practices of the Ancient Seers, the 4 Ways of Communicating that EIliminate the Illusions of Words
Day 6: PDF - The Ancient Knowledge of the Gods and Goddesses
Day 7: PDF - The Alchemy of Eternal Life
Day 8: Audio - Haphazard Creation: 11:10 minutes
Day 9: PDF - The Arcturian Fairies, the Language of the Earth
Day 10: Audio - Roles: 11:08 minutes
Day 11: PDF - Secrets of High Wisdom (18 Lances of Ananu)
Day 12: PDF - Alchemical Equations that Marry Light and Frequency

Book II - Concepts of the Father Wheels - Magic from the Devic Realms of Arcturis

Day 13: PDF - Facilitating Change, the 24 Holy Aphorisms
Day 14: Audio - Linear Change: 13:02 minutes
Day 15: PDF - Concepts of Self Sovereignty, Practices for Living an Androgynous Life
Day 16: Audio - "HunabKu": 12:55 minutes
Day 17: PDF - Man and the Kingdoms, Alchemy to Elevate the Mineral Kingdoms, Alchemical Equations to Bring the Full Expression of the Plant Kingdom, Alchemical Equations to Release the Full Expression of the Animal Kingdom

Book III - Concepts of Human Evolvement

Day 18: PDF - Evolving Mankind, the Magic of Man, Sigils to Awaken the Hidden Kingdoms Within, the Insights of Ananu

Book IV - The Hakulit Alchemy of Spiritual Guidance Using the Qi Vesta

Day 19: PDF - Removing the Illusion, Manifesting That Which Is Real
Day 20: Audio - Great Illusions: 11:52 minutes
Day 21: PDF - The Art of Questioning
Day 22: Audio - Practices of Ancient Seers: 13:30 minutes
Day 23: PDF - Manifesting Perfection Through the Hakulit
Day 24: PDF - Spiritual Counseling, Closing, Appendix

“External tyrants cannot exist if we do not have tyrants within. Old programs of life and death and duality are the true tyrants of existence.”

~ Almine (Beyond Mortality, day 3)


"Almine's 'Beyond Mortality' course has once again taken my awareness to a completely new level! The information offered here has already, in a very short period of time, changed my perceptions - allowing me to experience life in a more pure, present way than ever before. Equations of Eternal life are given - recommended to be repeated for 60 days - in just past 30 days I am already profoundly noticing their influence on the way I approach and take in life. I am so grateful to Almine and for the pure channel of insight she is! I can honestly say that nothing else I have ever come across has been so consistent in continuing to challenge me to expand my perception, daring me to release old boundaries thought previously to be exceptional. I am always stunned with delight. This course especially speaks to me as I have been working with the Qi Vesta - the material asks one to extend into new realms of meaning and to work with the Qi Vesta as a tool for spiritual consulting - in a way that is entirely fresh and new. Thank you Almine! I am truly grateful. If you are wondering if you ought to take this course - consider the beauty of expanding our awareness into the plant, mineral and animal kingdoms (as the Self) and assisting these aspects of Self in releasing that which has held us back from mastery! It is time to claim that we are the Ones - and speak the sacred, beautiful words given here. What a joy!"

~ Stasia Bliss, Portland, OR

"To release the ties that bound me to the grid of humanity was a leap into the Surrendered Life. And to realize that leaving was the greatest service I could offer to humanity, helped me come to peace after any hesitations induced by obligatory feelings of responsibility or duty to "saving" humanity. Those responsibilities were replaced with the crystal clear, inevitable choice of embracing the life beyond madness that we are entitled to live. Contrary to how the dictatorship of the programs of duty would have one think, to let go of the impulse to "save" or sacrifice is in truth a surrendering of the contracted egoic "little self": the remembering of Godhood while in the flesh services humanity with a freshly blazed trail to the ultimate freedom from illusion that is their birthright. As I focused on passing the 300 Father Wheels through my body, they delivered--or rather activated--the dormant codes of this remembrance, facilitating the student to be a proxy for all kingdoms of life, in the reconciliation of knowing them all to exist within one's self. Uncovering the story of Ananu and our lost moon, unveiled the deceitful mantle of assumed programs which manifest as bodily disease. This course prepared me for layers of deeper disrobing, that discordant tones of disease and suffering might be received as messages, literally as the upside down Lost Songs which when arighted provide the keys to their own healing. Just as the antidote to poisonous plants always grows near the noxious species, so too does the secret of immortality lie unnoticed beside and beneath the appearances of morbid decay. The 300 Father Wheels build the foundation necessary to be able to hear these Lost Songs, by first re-activating the perceptual light-based components of our DNA strand before feeling the tones of the 300 frequency based wheels of the Book of Gods and Men. In our DNA is our history, and when that is perceived, the syndrome of ontological inquiry ceases its relentless treadmill at the alter of beginninless and endless origins: origin-less Original Ones, are we, when we come to the humility of being All Things. History now proven pointless except in the release of guilt and blame sold to us by distorted stories of our background, the process of purifying DNA then provides a roadmap to recovery. Almine translated these wheels from our very own DNA, that we might grant ourselves the recuperation from splintered life by integrating the unyielded insights of the templates that dwell like blueprints in the temple of our being."

~ Jocelyn, United States

About Almine's Online Courses

"The old courses help you to get rid of the thunderous voices of programming and show you the way out of the matrix." In this short audio Almine explains the value of her older online courses, how truth changes from moment to moment and getting assistance from the Infinite inside of the matrix. Very insightful!

Almine's online courses take shape as a result of her daily experiences. As she travels the mystical realms of within, the worlds without, accesses the sacred libraries of earth and converses with all kinds of different beings, deep secrets about creation and spiritual evolution are unveiled to her. The results are her courses and books. Every single one of them is jam-packed with mystical information, insights to change your life and invitations to step into a life of mastery by integrating the secrets revealed.

"I have been through several colleges and never did I imagine that any information could be so informative and used in such a practical way as the online courses that Almine has created. I have studied most all of them and they are part of my daily life."

~ Michael P, California

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