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Awakening from the Dream (Multimedia Download)

Awakening from the Dream (Multimedia Download)


The Lemurian Mysticism of Enlightenment

24 Day Course in PDF and MP3 Downloads

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Listen to a 10 minutes audio compilation of different parts of the Awakening from the Dream course to get an idea of the scope and depth of the course:


Where did the dream we call "creation" come from? How did it begin? Who are the original ones, and who is the eternal dreamer? Almine's Awakening from the Dream online course delves deep into these questions to find understanding about the dream we call our home. From its origins to the illusions that keep it in place, Almine accesses holy libraries and uncovers deep insights into our reality. The second part of the course, the information about the Hamagda, is perhaps among the most profoundly powerful information on this planet, for it deals with the power source of creation itself.

This one month class is presented in the format that has proven most popular of all online courses, and contains some of the most profound information ever brought in by Almine:

  • Daily written downloads containing deeply esoteric concepts and illuminating insights to help heal the primary core illusions of life.
  • Daily journal entries of insights, photography, aphorisms and other life-altering information Almine encounters throughout her day.
  • Multiple transmissions per day as Almine transmits the cutting-edge substance of cosmic unfolding.

Awakening from the Dream is just overflowing to the rim with information. The standard course is already vast in its scope and the extra bonus material makes it even better! This course is often times referenced by Almine during her retreats as the "2011 February course, a phenomenal course". One of the absolute best works she has made to date!

Table of Contents

Book I: The Holy Embodiment

Day 1: PDF - Introduction, the Ancient Records Speak pt. 1 + 3 audios
Day 2: PDF - The Ancient Records Speak pt. 2 + 3 audios
Day 3: PDF - Concepts from the Lemurian Tablets of the Origins of Life + 3 audios
Day 4: PDF - The 12 Tones of Transparency, the Flawed Premises of the Foundational Belief Systems + 4 audios
Day 5: PDF - Where the Dreaming and Awakening Came From, Poetry of Dreaming + 3 audios
Day 6: PDF - The 12 Gates of Dreaming + 3 audios
Day 7: PDF - The 12 Gates of Awakening + 2 audios
Day 8: PDF - Translations from the Lemurian Tablets of Life and Death – the Origin of the Dream + 3 audios
Day 9: PDF - The 7 Programs of Obstruction, the One + 2 audios

Book II: The Hamagda - the Power of the One

Day 10: PDF - Understanding the Power Source of Creation - Concepts of the Hamagda pt. 1 and 2 + 2 audios
Day 11: PDF - Concepts of the Hamagda pt. 3 + 4 audios
Day 12: PDF - Concepts of the Hamagda pt. 4 + 3 audios
Day 13: PDF - The Relationship between the Embodiment of the Infinite and Its Shadow, the Cosmos - Concepts of the Hamagda pt. 5 + 3 audios
Day 14: PDF - What is Oneness - Concepts of the Hamagda pt. 6 + 2 audios
Day 15: PDF - Life in the Shadow + 3 audios
Day 16: PDF - The Origin of Potential, the Roles of Gods and Men + 2 audios
Day 17: PDF - The Return of the Dragons + 2 audios
Day 18: PDF - The Cosmic Child + 3 audios
Day 19: PDF - The Origin of Opposites
Day 20: Audio - Meditation: 22:18 minutes
Day 21: Audio - Meditation: 21:02 minutes
Day 22: Audio - Meditation: 20:22 minutes
Day 23: Audio - Meditation: 20:32 minutes
Day 24: Audio - Closing


Every day has an extra bonus "Walking with the Seer" file. See the first one here.

Extra Bonus

This course also includes a bonus 1 hour and 54 minute MP3 tutorial of "The Thought that Fractured the Infinite", which is a course in itself, on day 19.

"Long have they governed, the Tyrants of Old
Through the rule of their fist did life unfold
Join now the celebration of life set free
From eons of opposition from polarity"

~ Almine, Awakening from the Dream day 1

"But a spot in the Ocean of Infinite Being,
The Cosmos was focused on obsessively
“What am I?” – from this question arose
The Original Ones, gods and goddesses of old"

~ Almine, Awakening from the Dream day 13