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The Power of Forgiveness (MP3 Download)

The Power of Forgiveness (MP3 Download)


A Mystical Journey of Insight and Music

Play Time: 1:01:07
Download Size: 57 MByte MP3 File


Digressing from traditional views that forgives a perceived injury, this enlightening presentation explains instead the innocence of all experience. Instead of showing how to forgive a wrong, Almine shows you to acknowledge wholeness. Instead of judging and dividing, she invites you to uplift and heal.

This is a beautiful recording -that can even be used as a meditation due to the soothing background music- that can quickly become a vital tool in seeing your relationships as holy temples of initiation into mastery.

Listen to this 3 minute sample of 'The Power of Forgiveness' to get an idea of its contents and if it is something you would enjoy: