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Your Personal Sigil of Power

Your Personal Sigil of Power


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Power Sigils for the New Reality

Spiritual Journeys is happy to announce that Almine has agreed to resume creating the unique and powerful personal sigils to assist in blessing and empowering your life.

Each one is beautifully done on a background especially chosen for you by Almine, it is yours to use on business cards, to tuck in your wallet, frame for hanging in your home or office, or anywhere that you wish its blessings and power to flow. The perfect gift for those you care about.

Please allow up to 3 weeks delivery.

What is a Sigil of Power?

By popular request, Almine is now creating Power Sigils in the ancient, sacred languages of the Earth - just for you!

Listen to Almine speak about what a power sigil is and what it can do for you.


Almine creates a personal Sigil of Power for you or any aspect of your life that you desire. She creates a background that is compatible with the nature of the sigil requested by you and adds your power sigil to it thereby creating a unique piece of art that is also a powerful personal tool. You’ll be sent a digital file of your sigil, enabling unlimited printing. Note: The name of your power sigil's angel is also included.

See more examples of Power Sigils on Almine's Pinterest board