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Free webinar “Sacred Power Objects”

Free webinar “Sacred Power Objects”


“The Power of the Sacred Objects will remove all shadow from you. Wear them or keep them near you until you have established a strong connection with them, until you have developed an impermeable field, a sacred space around you. You will be able to always express yourself sincerely. Programs will be eliminated, and only your pristine state will remain. Your home will be sanctified, and you will truly live in holiness.”~ Almine

Sacred Power Objects:
– remove illusory shadows, diseases, programs, implants,
– raise your vibrations/frequency level,
– create an impermeable field called sacred space,
– and much more…

Facilitator: Ella Yelinek (Spiritual Journeys, Mudrost Almine)
Translation: Sergey Achkasov (Spiritual Journeys, Mudrost Almine)