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Day of Silence Cards (PDF Download)

Day of Silence Cards (PDF Download)



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Day of Silence Tools

PDF Download

Listen to this small meditation with Almine that was part of the 2011 Day of Silence. A perfect combination with the "Silence Cards".

We might ask ourselves, what can be heard and felt in Silence? For one, we may more fully experience and participate in our ‘inner world’, that which forms our perceptions and reality.  We invite you (all Belvaspata masters and everyone who resonates with this event) to join us this Saturday, Dec 3, 2011 for the Day of Oneness in Silence . The silence heard around the world!

This download, containing beautifully formatted sacred tools, is Almine's holiday gift to you. Look at these cards on your computer, handheld device or print them out to assist you in surrendering to silent oneness. Note: These are graphic rich cards and will use a lot of ink.

If you are unable to join us on the date below, please join us when you can, for as long as you can with intent of Oneness. We dissolve and release the illusions of ‘opposites’ of  space, time duality and polarity through our fluidity of beingness and our appreciation for the poetry of existence.  Through trust and surrender we enter the silence of the One we truly are.