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Transmissions from the Hidden Planets (PDF Download)

Transmissions from the Hidden Planets (PDF Download)


Interstellar Mysticism

Plus: The Astrology of Self-Empowerment

PDF download

Transmissions from the Hidden Planets has the insights kept by star brothers to help you transmute your spiritual life to a higher level.

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The online course that has riveted truth seekers around the globe is available now for the first time in book form.

The ability to see and interpret the full spectrum of light has not been developed within the sensory capabilities of man. Much of the beings in the natural world and the splendor of the starry skies go unseen by man. It is within these refined spectrums of subliminal ‘black’ light and matter that the Hidden Planets exist. 

Although we may not be aware of them, they are very much aware of our planet and its inhabitants. After eons of silence and waiting for man’s consciousness to rise, they have made contact. The silence has been broken. We have been deemed ready for their priceless gifts.

'Transmissions' is a book filled with wisdoms, insights and ceremonies given to Almine during her contacts with the 6 masculine and 6 feminine unknown planets. This information was first shared in the 2010 online course Interstellar Mysticism (which is no longer available).

What will Transmissions from the Hidden Planets do for me?

This book will give you the insights from the 12 races from the 12 hidden planets, as they have been given to Almine. The combination of these insights, together with explanations, sigils and power wheels have the potential to lift your spiritual life to a higher level. At the very least it will make you reevaluate many commonly held spiritual beliefs to a deeper understanding. 

Among the many subjects that you will learn about from the Hidden Planets are:

  • Unexpected attachments of the heart that stop spiritual growth
  • Astrology of Self-Empowerment
  • Healing to maintain the health of animals
  • The heart's wisdom as kept and embodied by the Vaa-usta
  • The concepts of embracing the unknowable
  • Much, much more!

How should I see Transmissions from the Hidden Planets in the context of all of Almine's work?

Transmissions is the first book by Almine to come out in 2014. This 'hidden planets book' is the counterpart of 'Star Race Speak' or the book of the 'known planets'. Star Races Speak will be forthcoming soon and is part of the series of '7 power-object books'. Transmissions is not in itself part of the alchemy of these 7 books, but is a fantastic preparation to delve into Star Races Speak later, as well as great stand alone read. As Almine puts it:

"...The gifts of the star realms and the Hidden Kingdoms are clearly delineated. The 12 Known Planets bring transformational qualities, the 24 Hidden Kingdoms bring qualities of transfiguration and the 12 Hidden Planets bring qualities of transmutation."

All in all Transmissions is very reminiscent of books like Lemurian Science of Peace, Lemurian Science of Immortality and Hadji-ka - Secrets of Dragon Magic, in that it deals with a lot of insights, coupled with many power wheels and sigils. If you liked any of those books, we feel confident you will certainly enjoy Transmissions too.

Bonus Downloads

Both the paperback version as the PDF ebook will have 2 downloads attached to them, as a curtesy of Almine. They are the 2 ceremonies mentioned in the book, being the 'Astrology of Self-Empowerment' and the 'Healing to maintain the health of animals'. This information is part of the book itself but offered as free additional download packages so that you can use them for easy access and printing when wanting to do these ceremonies.


When these transmissions were received, the respective planets’ music was transmitted as well. Labyrinth of the Moon is the music of the 12 Hidden Planets and is available as a CD and MP3 download. We highly recommended listening to this music in the background, while reading the information in Transmissions or when doing the protocols mentioned in this book. To get an idea of this music, you can listen to the track 'Minut - Talking Drums' below:

Tip: Transmissions from the Hidden Planets is also available in a paperback version.

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Published: 2014
Pages: 312
ISBN: 978-1-936926-95-4
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