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The Gift of the Unicorns (PDF Download)

The Gift of the Unicorns (PDF Download)


Sacred Secrets of Unicorn Magic

3rd Edition NEW

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Your reintroduction to the some of the most pristine and heroic creatures in existence.

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Where have the Unicorns gone? And, what about mystical winged horses, mermaids, and giants-- do they exist? The answers to all of our questions about these fabled creatures can be found in The Gift of the Unicorns.

This magical book tells the story of the Unicorns and Pegasus, and their heroism in preserving purity and innocence during the ages of darkness on Earth. In their own words, these beings reveal where they went, the purpose of their golden shoes and the sacred mission they undertook for the Mother of All Creation. What's more, they share long-held secrets about the Earth.

The People of Mer also reveal their history, along with their own secrets of magic, including instructions on how to create sacred objects like a crystal ball and a magic wand. The book goes on to describe life among Giants who have been in the newly accessed reality within the Inner Earth for 12,000 years. These highly intelligent beings share their magic in the form of sacred rituals for enhancing life on Earth.

The reader is introduced to members of each of these magical groups by name, so that they can be called upon for assistance when needed. At once a treasury of sacred tales and a resource for practical magic, The Gift of the Unicorns is truly a gift to humanity.

What will The Gift of the Unicorns do for me?

This book will introduce you to not only the unicorns-- their history, magic and secrets, but also open the door to other beings such as dragons, giants, twitches and more. "Gift" gives the reader an insight into the magical universe we live in and a priceless account of the cycles of our cosmos.

How should I view The Gift of the Unicorns in the context of all of Almine's work?

This book is perfect in conjunction with books such as Secrets of the Hidden Realms and Arubafirina, if you are into contact with etheric creatures. Also, it delves into some deep metaphysics akin to The Thought that Fractured the Infinite, with its detailed account of the cycles of the cosmos. It has the best of both worlds.

The Gift of the Unicorns is also available in paperback.

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Published: 2012, 3rd edition
Pages: 171
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