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Messages from the Lemurian Angels (PDF + MP3 Download)

Messages from the Lemurian Angels (PDF + MP3 Download)


Angelic Wisdom for Humanity

Guidance for Daily Living

PDF + MP3 download

Messages from the Lemurian Angels releases powerful information from the angels so that once again, angels and men may work together for the good of all.

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For eons the predominant role of angels in the cosmos has gone unrecognized. We have therefore failed to avail ourselves of their significant gifts. They embody the principles of order upon which a specific reality is based, upholding the structure of that reality as the pillars uphold the temple.

The role of angels to embody the principles of a reality is balanced with that of man whose role it is to test and explore those principles with experience. To know the perceptions needed to do so is like turning the light on in a dark room. In receiving this information from the angels, we allow not only ourselves but also the angels to fulfill our respective destinies with grace.

This book releases the powerful information they have had in their stewardship so that angels and men may once again work together for the good of all.

What will Messages from the Lemurian Angels do for me?

Almine has combined the messages she received from the 300 Lemurian Angels in one book. Their combined insights will tell you the story of the changing world of the angels, their roles and how mankind and angels can work together. Deeply metaphysical, this book will challenge your understanding how the wider spiritual realms are evolving and interacting. Here we will share two 'insights' from Lemurian angels 22 and 241, to give you an idea of the depth:

Insight: When external factors (air, food, water, etc.) are seen to be your sustenance, you make the outer circumstance the central fractal pattern that controls your reality. When it changes, so do you. (p. 49)

Insight: The key to unlock the cycle of life rests within the original gods and goddesses of Creation. Their ability to move beyond the limitation of humanity can only be accomplished by having a vehicle with adequate capacity to convey their evolved expression: The hormones of the god kingdom. They are producing the hormones but not releasing them due to inhibiting negative emotions: fear, pain, guilt, shame and anger. (p. 372)

How should I see Messages from the Lemurian Angels in the context of all of Almine's work?

Messages from the Lemurian Angels is the final book to be released by Almine in 2014, following Book of Spells, Labyrinth of the Moon, Transmissions from the Hidden Planets and Belvaspata 3.

'Messages' is compounded from a 3 month course with the same name that was released in 2013. In this way it is similar to the other ebooks that were adapted after online courses, such as Sacred Breaths of Arasatma and Transmissions from the Hidden Planets.

This is a deeply metaphysical book, and can best be likened to Almine's work received in Secrets of Dragon Magic and Windows into Eternity. If you want to go on a cosmic journey of unparalleled mystical scope and receive the power symbols to put into effect the changes Almine discusses, this is the book for you!

What do I get?

You receive a 444 page ebook, with, on the first page, a link to 15 musical pieces totaling 2:30 hours worth of music. The book (see preview link at the top of this page) delves into the wisdom preserved by angels. However, please note that this book does not hold your hand, but rather, pushes you into the deep end right away. You will receive the name, power wheel and most importantly the insights of 300 different angels in the following Orders:

  • The Angels of Integrated Oneness
  • The Angels of the Eternal Perspective
  • The Angels of Fluid Surrender
  • The Angels of Purity
  • The Angels of Guidance in Inspiration
  • The Angels of Higher Life
  • The Angels of Supreme Alchemy of Perpetual Regeneration
  • The Angels of the Inner and Outer Senses
  • The Angels of the Evolution of Power

Thus, this is a library of the 'telephone numbers' of the Lemurian Angels. Their insights are deep, and their power wheels are mesmerizing. Interlaced with this information are different explanations by Almine on subjects like the anatomy of change, understanding the language of pain, finding our passion, the 'Lemurian Tale of How Life Began' and the stages of recapitulation.

Our Best Tips

Tip 1: Messages from the Lemurian Angels wis for now available ONLY as an ebook. For the paperback version, please try Amazon.

Tip 2: Messages from the Lemurian Angels has accompanying musical pieces titled 'Calling the Lemurian Angels'. They can be downloaded by following the link on the first page of the book. This music totals over 2.5 hours. It originally hails from the 2012 Earth Chants ceremony and was re-released with the original Messages from the Angels digital courses trilogy of 2013 as bonus material.

Tip 3: As stated above Messages from the Lemurian Angels will not hold your hand. It is a 'phone book' and encyclopedia of knowledge all wrapped up in one. Our best tip is to take your time with this one. Tackle the book from multiple sides:

  • The cognitive aspect - understanding the deep insights
  • The emotional aspect - feeling the different frequencies of the different angels and angel groups
  • The doing aspect - working with the power wheels and names, calling upon the angels and forming a relationship with them