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Belvaspata - Angel Healing Volume II (PDF & MP3 Download)

Belvaspata - Angel Healing Volume II (PDF & MP3 Download)


Belvaspata Healing through Oneness

PDF and MP3 download

Also includes:

  • Belvaspata - Angel Healing, a 46 minute audio recording by Almine, to assist with pronunciation of the Angel names and Sigils used in Self-initiation.
  • Arcturian Fairy Sound Elixirs for Fragrance Alchemy, a 27 minute recording to be used with this healing modality.

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Whether you are a beginner or an experienced master of the miraculous healing modality of Belvaspata, this comprehensive guide is an information rich handbook that will serve as your most valuable tool – a compendium of information for everything you need to know to establish yourself as a practitioner of this miraculous healing modality of the angels.

Volume II includes The Integrated Use of Fragrance Alchemy, which provides the method to obtain wellness of the emotional, mental and physical bodies through the integrated use of Belvaspata, the Alchemy of Fragrance and the Atlantean Healing Sigils.

The Integrated use of Belvaspata and Fragrance Alchemy – Promotes wellness of the emotional, mental and physical bodies through the use of the Alchemy of Fragrance, the Atlantean Healing sigils and the Belvaspata Emotional Healing sigils. This modality of Belvaspata assists in integrating parts of our body that may have been left behind and prepares us to go into Oneness.

For more information about Belvaspata, please visit Almine's Belvaspata website.


“The information she delivers to humanity is of the highest clarity. She is fully deserving of her reputation as the leading mystic of our age.”

Zbigniew Ostas, PhD Quantum Medicine, Somatidian Orthobiology, Canada and Poland

Belvaspata - Angel Healing Volume II is also available as an paperback.

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Published: 2012
Pages: 464 pages
Download: PDF & MP3