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A Life of Miracles (PDF Download)

A Life of Miracles (PDF Download)


Mystical Keys to Ascension

Expanded Third Edition - Bonus Belvaspata Section

PDF download

A Life of Miracles shows you exactly what it means to live a life of mastery. Join Almine in her daily life filled with miracles and mysteries.

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A Life of Miracles tells of Almine's developing spiritual awareness and abilities from her childhood in South Africa until she emerged as a powerful mystic, to devote her gifts in support of all humanity. Deeply inspiring and unique in its comparison of man's relationship as the microcosm of the macrocosm. A detailed guide to living a joyous and balanced life and provides a carefully charted guide to achieving the magnificent destiny that awaits at the apex of human experience: Ascension. This new and expanded third edition includes a bonus Belvaspata section.

What will A Life of Miracles do for me?

This book will spell out in detail how to become a spiritual master. What are the pitfalls? What will I encounter? How do I deal with the dark side? What does humility mean? And how does a master service all of life? Almine takes you by the hand with her own story and experiences to map out the road to ultimate freedom.

How should I see A Life of Miracles in the context of all of Almine's work?

This is Almine's first book. It lays the foundation of all of her books to come and shows of the extraordinary life that is available to all-- if you but follow your own truth and passion. As with all of Almine's books, it will shatter belief systems about what is and what is not possible. Written in utmost humility and passion for the spiritual growth of the reader, it reflects the highest truth of Almine when it was created.

We hope you enjoy!

Includes Bonus Belvaspata Section

Tip: A Life of Miracles is also available as an audiobook.

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Published: 2008

286 pages

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