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"Beginners Start Here" - Starter Pack (PDF Download)

"Beginners Start Here" - Starter Pack (PDF Download)


This is the *Almine for Beginners* starter pack of e-books.

The best place to start delving into the teachings of Almine! Read the previews and enjoy the books!

A Life of Miracles - Mystical Keys to Ascension

A Life of Miracles shows you exactly what it means to live a life of mastery. Join Almine in her daily life filled with miracles and mysteries.

Read the first 27 pages for free

Journey to the Heart of God - Mystical Keys to Immortal Mastery

The quintessential Almine book. How to go to Enlightenment and beyond…

Read a preview of selected pages free

Secrets of the Hidden Realms - Mystical Keys to the Unseen Worlds

A breathtaking guide to the inhabitants of other realms. Absolutely jam-packed with encounters of the mystical kind. Recommended reading if you like to expand your view on reality.

Read the first 22 pages for free 

 The Seer's Journey - The Path to Enlightenment

 A priceless opportunity to journey side by side with Almine as walks through the different stages of human  development. A beacon of hope, humilityand clarity for all those who are on their own journey.

 Read selected pages of this book for free