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Belvaspata Daily Maintenance Program (Free PDF Download)

Belvaspata Daily Maintenance Program (Free PDF Download)



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Daily Maintenance Program for all Belvaspata Healing (Manual)

PDF Download

Few healers can offer ongoing daily healings to their clients as part of their healing sessions. It would for most be too time-consuming as a business practice. 

Yet, for the ultimate beneficial outcome of Belvaspata and all other healings, ongoing healings after an initial session are vital. The belief systems that caused the disease symptoms in the first place are in all likelihood still a factor after a session and can work against the practitioner’s expertise. Even with the elimination of belief systems an environmental trigger can spark them off again. Whatever the onslaught of stressors that contributed to the deterioration of health such as allergies, psychological stress and others; these may also still be present, requiring ongoing assistance from a healer.

This program should require only ten minutes, once a day from the Belvaspata practitioner. All present and past clients can receive their maintenance healing during that time. This extremely valuable service as part of a Belvaspata practice should greatly enhance the desirability of Belvaspata as the modality of choice. The daily healings of a client for six months after their first visit should be included in the marketing of Belvaspata.