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A Life of Miracles (Audiobook Download)

A Life of Miracles (Audiobook Download)


Mystical Keys to Ascension

Abridged Audiobook MP3 download


A Life of Miracles recounts Almine’s developing spiritual awareness and abilities from her childhood in South Africa until she emerged as a powerful mystic, to devote her gifts in support of all humanity is traced. Deeply inspiring and unique in its comparison of man’s relationship as the microcosm of the macrocosm. It is an inspiration to living a joyous and balanced life and provides a carefully charted guide to achieving the magnificent destiny that awaits at the apex of human experience.


If you haven’t met Almine in person, A Life of Miracles is a good book to start with! I purchased the audiobook about a year ago and have listened to it many times. It helps one to understand how Almine got where she is today. Her speaking voice is wonderful — so, I LOVE it when Almine reads to me! The audiobook is abridged, so I suppose I will need to purchase the book at some point too. Thanks Almine! I love you."

~ Diane

"Reading A Life of Miracles spiritually awakened me further than anything else ever had. It confirmed the knowing that there was someone else out there like me, that someone being Almine. I hope to one day gain many great stories of my spiritual path so I can share my story with the world as well. Almine has an incredibly inspiring story, from her childhood life, till her ever growing wisdom today. I'm just about to buy another copy, because I lent mine to a friend, who lent it to another friend, and somewhere along the vine of sharing this wondrous piece of work, someone found it a new home. I brought this everywhere I went when I read it. And I plan to love all her books just as much! I'm waiting for the day she does another Toronto Retreat so I can be within her presence. God bless Almine, you're a wonderful light being who's light shines enormously bright."

~ Nicholas Ursino

"Almine's audiobooks are a delight! The combination of her soothing voice, deep spiritual wisdom, personal stories used to convey insights and mystical adventures makes for a fantastic listening experience. Sharp production and a pristine sound complete it all. Some (not all!) of the audiobooks come with a very subtle background music, which makes it all even more enjoyable. I have read through every single one of Almine's physical books, but somehow this experience is different, it seems more personal. It is as if I am taken by the hand personally by Almine on an epic journey. Thus, audiobooks are quickly becoming my most favorite of Almine's products. I listen to it in bed, in the train, or on a rainy afternoon with a cup of coffee. They are truly a hidden gem and a gift to myself."

~ Niels, the Netherlands

A Life of Miracles is also available in paperback or as an e-book.

Duration: 3 hours 25 min
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