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Dream Dictionary (Free PDF Download)

Dream Dictionary (Free PDF Download)


New 2014 Edition

Expanded edition, updated with your requested dream symbols 

PDF download


By popular request Almine has updated her dream symbology book. Filled with 80 pages worth of symbols to interpret the messages of both the dream and awake time, this is an invaluable tool for your spiritual growth and Almine's gift to you. 

The importance of understanding the language in which the non- cognitive portions of mind communicate to us through our dreams is almost always underestimated. Nine-tenths of the information we’re exposed to each day is non-cognitive. The unknown eludes the cognitive mind and reveals itself instead through dreams, feelings, meditative states and symbols.

Using the dream symbol interpretations handed down through the ages by Toltec seers, this handbook gives the language of dreams that helps us to elevate our awareness, and see the next step in our journey.

In 2013 Almine asked students on Ascension.net to help expand the Dream Dictionary and give suggestions for symbols to be added in the 2014 edition. Here is the result!


As a small bonus Almine has added to this new edition of the Dream Dictionary the 'dream symbols pertaining to reincarnational cycles'. This is what she says about this bonus material:

Creational cycles each produce a specific challenge in order to arrive at their unique perception. The totem animals of these cycles of life will appear, when it is time to live their particular insight. Aggressive behavior from these animals in the dream further indicates an extreme urgency to grasp and apply their perception to avoid unpleasant lessons. ~ Almine

This bonus material was originally featured in Transmissions from the Hidden Planets.

Published: 2014
Page count: 80 pages
PDF download