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The Alchemy of Relationship (Free Download)

The Alchemy of Relationship (Free Download)


Relationships as Temples of Initiation

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Obtaining mastery in a cave is easy. But how do you achieve it in this complex day and age with the many relationships you have? You utilize your relationships as holy temples of initiation.


Over the years, the questions most frequently asked of Almine have been about relationships. How do you get ahead on your of journey of self-discovery and mastery, when your relationships are only bringing you down? How can your partner grow with you? This subject is both vast and complex, and the insights are not always easy to implement in daily life. To get you started on this journey of discovery, Almine gifts you the free Alchemy of Relationship bundle.

What You Get

This free download package includes:

Note: In the fall of 2013 huge shifts took place at the very core of matter itself. One of the effects is that the way a spiritual warrior engages in relationships has fundamentally changed. For this reason Almine has created a video course titled: How to Establish Dynamic RelationshipsDuring this course, Almine will enlighten us about the dynamic changes in the nature of relationship and offers advice on how to interact with those that resist these changes in our environment.

Read more: www.spiritualmastery.com/dynamic-relationships

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Are you unsure if this what you are looking for? You can always just download and find out, because this is a free gift by Almine. But if you do want more information or have other questions, you can always ask our team! We are familiar with Almine's materials and teachings and can help you out with your questions. Contact: team@almine.net