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Sigil of Power (JPG Download)

Sigil of Power (JPG Download)


JPG Download (Currently Unavailable)

By popular request, Almine is now creating Power Sigils in the ancient, sacred languages of the Earth - just for you!

What does a Power Sigil do for me?

Listen to Almine speak about what a power sigil is and what it can do for you.


Almine creates a personal Sigil of Power for you or any aspect of your life that you desire. She creates a background that is compatible with the nature of the sigil requested by you and adds your power sigil to it thereby creating a unique piece of art that is also a powerful personal tool. You’ll be sent a digital file of your sigil, enabling unlimited printing.

If you have a specific request regarding your Power Sigil, please limit your specifications to 10 words or less.

Martin's Sigil of Power

Martin's Sigil of Power

See more examples of Power Sigils on Almine's Pinterest board

Digital or Physical?

You can order the standard, digital file of your Power Sigil, however, there is also the possibility of adding a physical rendition of your digital Power Sigil so you can hang it in your favorite location. Physical products are available as a separate product in various sizes, framed and unframed, see details below. Your sigil may be printed on single or double weight matte board (depending on the size of the print) and purchased framed or unframed. The printed product resembles a fine oil painting. This would make a perfect and unique gift for yourself or others.

Please note: If you already own a Sigil of Power and would like to purchase only the physical rendition, click here.

Other points of interest:

  • Orders may require up to 3-4 weeks, especially when Almine is traveling and is unable to work in the sound studio. We appreciate your patience.
  • Please add team@almine.net to your email address book, as to be sure that your spam filter does not refuse your Sigil of Power.
  • You must have a Sigil of Power, or have placed an order for a Sigil of Power to order the physical product of a print.
  • Due to the different sizes of prints, minimal cropping on the edges of your artwork may be necessary. Almine will ensure that the cropping will not affect the functionality or aesthetic value of your elixir artwork.